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Whether we're working solo or collaborating with a team, our diverse services are designed to meet your unique building needs.
Cornerstone Design Inc, alone or in conjunction with engineers and other consultants, can provide a wide array of services to meet your building needs. We offer a comprehensive line-up including Standard and Optional services.

Standard Services include:

• Design: We will turn your program requirements into a design for a building or space that meets your needs and budget.

• Construction Documentation: We will develop your design into drawings and specifications that a contractor can use to prepare a bid, submit for building permits, and do construction.

• Bidding: We will locate contractors qualified to bid on your project, coordinate the bidding process, answer questions as needed, and help you with final contract negotiations.

• Contract Administration: We will make periodic site visits during construction, review submittals, certify contractor payments, and review contract changes to be sure your interests are well-represented during this most crucial phase of the project.

Optional Services include:

• Programming: Careful programming is the foundation for cost-effective design. We will assist you in determining your spatial needs, including sizes and relationships of various spaces, and other information needed to begin design.

• Site Selection: We can help you evaluate potential sites for your project by telling you what issues may affect a site, what size of building the site can support, and what extra costs you might face. By involving us early in the site selection, we can help you avoid costly mistakes.

• Site Planning: Most local jurisdictions require site plans for any site modifications, including building additions. In some circumstances, we can prepare the site plans ourselves; usually we will coordinate civil engineering and landscape design consultants doing the site design work.

• Accessibility Evaluations: We are well-versed in accessibility requirements under both state and federal law, and can help you determine what changes you need to make to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws.

• Cost Estimates: We can provide estimates of construction costs at various stages throughout the design and documentation phases, or coordinate with your chosen construction manager, to assist you in budget planning.

Portfolio Highlight:

United Bank & Trust
United Bank & Trust opened its new Dexter, MI branch in 2001. CDI provided full services from shepherding the project through the approvals process, to building and site design, and through construction. See more CDI Portfolio highlights here.

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